DOJ Files Charges Against Tsarnaev Congress Needs to Determine What Feds Knew or Missed

The Justice Department has charged Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with using a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property at the Boston Marathon. Read the affidavit HERE.

Having assisted American victims of terrorism for eight years in their quest to take terrorists’ money, I’m pretty sure that what the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings most of all is The Answers and The Truth. To a person, terrorism victims have told me that they care more about finding the whole truth about the attacks that killed or injured their loved ones than obtaining compensation for the attacks. The Boston bombing victims deserve no less. They want to know what the feds at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and State Department knew about the Tsarnaev brothers and what they missed. They want to know to whom they might have confided in any mosque in Boston; why the FBI didn’t follow up on the 2011 review of Tamerlan Tsarnaev; why they didn’t recognize him immediately when pictures and videos of the bombing became available; and what the feds knew or missed about his trip to Russia last year, including who paid for it. They want to know if he was part of a larger group, with potential “sleeper” cells waiting to pounce elsewhere in the U.S.

Too many of us were dissatisfied into the “investigation” into the Benghazi attacks, especially the victims’ families. The Obama Administration’s lack of disclosure of the events surrounding the deaths of our diplomats and their security personnel stands in stark contrast to the 9-11 Commission’s thorough and mostly open investigation of the events leading up to the attacks on September 11, 2001. It wasn’t perfect, but it that is the standard we should set in the review of the Boston Marathon bombings. Nothing less will renew our sense of trust in the federal anti-terrorism effort, shaken after the Marathon bombings.

We can’t have a Benghazi on American soil. Congress should subpoena every possible document, interview every official involved, and hold as many hearings as possible to forge a single, complete narrative of the brothers’ radicalization, their training in explosives, and their plans to bomb the Marathon and possibly other targets.

Let the subpoenas fly and the hearings begin.