Drugmakers Obamacare Federal Tort Reform updated June 7

House Republicans on the Energy & Commerce Committee have uncovered evidence of closed-door negotiations between major drugmakers and the Obama Administration in connection with the enactment of Obamacare, under which the former promised to back it with $80 billion in revenues in exchange for the Administration’s promise to protect the industry in various ways, e.g., oppose the importation of drugs from abroad. It was Crony Capitalism at its worst, and the House E&C Republicans are right to expose and condemn it. I assume other health care-related companies touched by Obamacare made the same kind of deal and look forward to seeing the evidence.

BUT… some of the same Republicans condemning Obamacare Crony Capitalism want to protect the same industry, and all health care-related companies, in federal law by severely limiting awards in medical malpractice and all health care-related lawsuits. This is Tort Reform Crony Capitalism, and it’s as bad in principle as Obamacare Crony Capitalism. And they’re equally unconstitutional, according to House Republicans’ favorite legal experts and many House Republicans.

So House Republican leadership would reward the very same health care associations and companies that gave us Obamacare!WHY?! This is what I can’t comprehend about the charge to include a federal medmal bill in Republican “Repeal & Replace” plans. I don’t find that chapter in my “Practical Politics 101” textbook!

UPDATE, June 7: I discussed these issues today on the ‘What’s Up’ radio program, broadcast daily on 12 radio stations and on channel 131 of Sirius satellite radio. Download and listen to Segment 1 here and to Segment 2 here.