Lose Weight Fast What You Must Know

There are many myths around the idea to lose weight fast. Those can be dangerous, so be careful !

There are also several ways to lose weight quickly that proved to be working like Phen24.

Let’s have an insightful look at the “Lose Weight Fast” idea pros and cons.

“Do The Advertisers Tell the Truth ?”

US Federal Trade Commission report found that over 40% of advertised products presentation they studied were “almost certainly false”, and the remaining 60% rest was not “certainly true”. At that time, more than 55% of the products claimed to grant fast results.
It was in 2001, and it has got worse since.
So yes, most of them lie.
Blame it on them, the market, the other consumers or maybe somehow on yourself, yet you have to take this into account.

Well, if you can get past the scams, most products help you. That’s not the magic pill however.

Don’t get me wrong : Losing Weight Fast is possible. Today it is even a discipline with proven records. BUT as Losing Weight in general, selecting the right product is only setting ONE aspect of your Weight Loss, no matter how tricky it is in itself.

“I Must Lose Weight Fast”

I know I’m all coachy with this one, but trust me. You don’t HAVE TO Lose Weight Fast. You can CHOSE TO Lose Weight Fast.

The trick is : feeling obligation associates the idea of losing weight with a bad and powerlessness feel. So make it your decision, empower yourself, so that you unconsciously associate the idea of losing weight with the feeling of capability and determination.

It feels better like this, isn’t it ? And it asks your Unconscious to succeed rather than to fail

A few directions if you want to go further with your Beliefs and Well Being :

  • Get some NLP stuff about Emotions, Emotional Guidance and Positive Thinking ; there are a lot of
  • Read the “Unlimited Power” and / or Awaken The Giant Within books by Anthony Robbins (Amazon links here)

“I Can Lose Weight Fast”

This is true. You can lose weight fast.

  • Everyone can lose weight fast, including YOU : Understand that anything that someone could do since the dawn of history, one can do too by using the appropriate Strategy.
    Yes, that includes yourself.
    Wherever you come from, it’s a matter of finding the appropriate strategy. I have seen people losing more than 200 pounds over the years, and no one could tell they were overweight.
  • There are some really efficient methods today (amongst heaps of uneffective and dishonest ones, but that’s an other matter).
  • You will find the application of the Universal Model of Success in the EWLS “How to Lose Weight” Guide so that you set up yourself on the path to success and stay on it.
  • Work on your Beliefs. Most NLP literacy will help.

“I’d Rather Lose Weight Fast”

False. Unless you use some really top-notch weight loss method tailored for fast weight loss with NO backlash, losing weight fast is a risk.

If you lose weight in a brutal way (very intensive gym training, minimal or no food, suppressing totally some types of food), those will tend to happen :

  • your body will tend to stock (straight) anything it has been deprived of
  • your weight loss if not consciously maintained for several months could reverse
  • each pound will be far harder to lose in the future
  • beyond the medical risks (REMEMBER THEM AND MANAGE THEM), you will have bad feelings to cope with (your metabolism will “forward” the “dis ease” of lacking to its habits to your emotions, in some devilish ways : anguish, overwheliming hunger, etc.)

All this tend to happen if you lose more than 2 Kg (4 pounds) in a month.

So if you decide go for a Fast Weight Loss, be cautious !

  • pick a method/program that is REALLY tailored for fast weight loss, and minimum backlash.
    Take care to avoid dishonest advice/products because they are a REAL problem to your health.
  • Cope with your metabolism trends in a specific way. At least follow the ELWS Golden Keys. For what I have seen, Hypnosis and Acupuncture, however non canonical they were supposed to be, have proven to settle those issues with an impressive efficiency.
  • Do keep your new metabolism and well being “in line” with your fastened weight loss for at least one year

“Losing Weight Fast is difficult if I have just a few pounds to lose”


I am ASHAMED but..

The most effective for the “quick few pounds fix” I found was NOT with all the clients testing and reading stuff about losing weight during those last 10 years.

I know it’s so fancy to buy women magazines “before the summer diet”, but it was not even with those that the top tip was found.

It was my girlfriend that just ordered some stuff and lost the most-difficult (if to me not necessary) 6 pounds from 50 Kg to 47 Kg by doing some abdo exercize while looking at her favorite tv show. Took just ten days !

I guess by now you should be intrigued… This guidelines set could alone be sold for a neat price, cause it is easy (and rather enjoyable) to follow. But I’m in a good mood so get this :

  • Somatoline Cosmetics stuff (no, I get no affiliate money for telling this, maybe I should)
  • Low key abdo training in front of Lost (or whatever TV show you want) during 1 episode every day. It makes the training feel like a breeze.
  • She also followed the EWLS Golden Keys we coach our clients to follow (that feels a little better to my ego…)

The main real difficulty to Lose those “few” pounds fast is that they localize on specific parts of our bodies. For men it will be stomach/belly, for women, hips/waist/tighs. Thank evolution. However, localized action (which this cosmetics and the muscle training will provide) will do the trick.

Otherwise it will make you lose “general” weight, and those locations are the LAST one will lose mass from. So you could look very bad, lose breast or muscle before even lose that bad-location fat.

So rememeber: local problem, local action ! (and consider asking Somatoline to give me money for this).

“Lose Weight Fast” stuff does not work for me

To this, I say : Illusion !

I’m gonna be a little bit in your face on this one, but it is your responsibility. Accept that looking closer at this will empower you to turn this failure into a success opportunity.
If you have tried some CD/Program/whatever and could not lose weight, there can be 3 reasons :

  • You put your money in the wrong place. See through the marketing illusion. Learn to see through it.
  • You did not use correctly the product. Did you really follow the indications ? You made an illusion for yourself, because it was comfortable. Avoid laziness ni the future.
  • You did not put yourself in a success process. This made you fail because of problems of motivation, well being, beliefs, unconscious, environment, medical advice, bad knowledge and lack of efficient drive. Following no specific path leads you elsewhere. Follow our Guide to avoid this pitfalls like plague !

Those risks are the ones you will encounter if you want to lose weight fast. It is more difficult, you will have to cope with more risks, but the reward will be there. Nowadays, it is possible to Lose Weight Fast very efficiently.

So list those risks, and be cautious.