Tea Party Leader Jenny Beth Martin Opposes Boehners Plan to Protect Doctors

Jenny Beth Martin, President and Co-Founder of the powerful Tea Party Patriots group, is planning a massive anti-Obamacare rally on September 10 in Washington. She’s trying to persuade House Republicans to defund Obamacare in any way possible, including in a debt ceiling bill or continuing resolution to fund the government. Speaker Boehner and House Republican leaders have another idea for health care “reform,” and it would actually protect the doctors and other medical professionals whose lobbyists in DC fought for Obamacare and profit from it.

Speaker Boehner is still hellbent on enacting federal law to protect pro-Obamacare doctors, hospitals, drug and medical device companies and nursing homes from their negligence. Before the August recess, he told House Republicans that he wanted to spend time this fall on “GOP proposals to help end costly junk lawsuits and curb defensive medicine by enacting medical liability reform.” That sounds like the caps on lawsuit damages that Boehner supported in a bill he pushed in 2011, when he combined it with an anti-Obamacare bill to ensure approval by the Republican conference.

But Jenny Beth Martin opposed Boehner’s bill two years ago to protect pro-Obamacare doctors, because she knew that the bill was an unconstitutional infringement of states’ rights.

In a blast email that she sent to followers and to Congress, Martin wrote the following:

The malpractice reform will affect not only federal law but also state law. It would take the authority to create tort law (i.e. medical malpractice) from the state and hand it over the federal government. This is an outright violation of the 10th Amendment…

The malpractice reform contains two components that are troubling. The first is that it is federal malpractice reform, even though tort law is supposed to be made at the state level. Second, not only will it affect federal law but, it goes a step further and overrides existing state law! This brings to light a new unconstitutional overreach by the federal government, violating our core value of constitutionally limited government.

Jenny Beth Martin stands with top libertarian and conservative legal experts such as Randy Barnett, Rob Natelson, John Baker, Ilya Somin and Carrie Severino, and with real Constitutional conservatives such as Reps. Ted Poe and Louis Gohmert and Sen. Mike Lee. She defends states’ and individual rights against federal encroachment and Crony Capitalism.

I have no doubt that if Speaker Boehner demands that House Republicans vote again to crush state sovereignty in medical malpractice issues, Jenny Beth Martin will again oppose it.